State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector"

For each day of calculations the following estimates are outputed
  1. Day of epidemic
  2. Number of uninfected persons
  3. Number of patients in latent stage
  4. Number of patients in final stage
  5. Number of recovering patients
  6. Infected per day
  7. Isolated patients per day
  8. Lethal cases per day
  9. Recovered per day
  10. Current number of infected
  11. Current number of observed contacts
  12. Current number of isolated
  13. Current number of observed suspects
  14. Total number of infected
  15. Total number of lethal cases
  16. Total number of recovered
  17. Total number of isolated
  18. Total number of vaccinees
In addition to these estimates, moments of realization of AEA and the time of occurrence of resource constraints, as well as some summary characteristics of the epidemic (outbreak):
  • Total number of infected persons
  • Total number of isolated patients
  • Total number of observed contacts
  • Total number of observed suspects
  • Person days of observed contacts
  • Person days of observed suspects
  • Person days of isolated patients
  • Quarantine (days)
  • Total number of lethal cases