State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector"

When an infection is selected from the list and all the parameters are assigned, the following variants of calculations can be used:
  • Start computation from the very beginning.
  • Computing epidemic dynamics starting from any day selected by user (within the previously computed period of its development). This mode is useful when some significant changes take place in the population during epidemic development, for example, new infected persons enter the region coming from another locality, thereby considerably complicating the situation, or, on the contrary, vaccines and drugs are conveyed from adjacent regions and additional medical/paramedical staff is attracted for resolving emergency situation (or any other changes in the current conditions).
  • Computation of four typical scenarios for epidemic development in the case of a mass infection in real populations of real subjects of the Russian Federation, namely,
    1. Optimistic variant: control of resources is switched off and countermeasures are implemented in full and immediately;
    2. Moderately optimistic variant: control of resources is on and countermeasures are activated immediately;
    3. Realistic variant: control of resources is on and countermeasures are activated with a 5-day delay as compared with the previous scenarios; and
    4. Pessimistic variant: countermeasures are limited due to serious deficiency in resources (all the resources available in the pervious scenario are decreased by 40%) with a longer delay in implementing AEA (by additional 5 days as compared with the previous scenario).