State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector"

Countermeasures are implemented if the corresponding resources provided:
  • Medics/paramedics involved;
  • Teams searching for and isolating infected cases and contacts;
  • Vaccination stations;
  • Reserve of vaccine doses for mass vaccination and vaccination of risk groups;
  • Reserve of drugs;
  • Bed capacity for strict isolation (for confirmed cases);
  • Bed capacity in provisional hospitals (for suspects); and
  • Bed capacity in quarantine departments for contacts.
On depletion of the corresponding resources, the activities of the interventions (detection, isolation, vaccination, treatment, etc.) can be weakened down to complete cessation.

That limitation in resources will be taken into account in modeling only when the control of resource depletion is switched on.
A user can switch the resource control off from the beginning of calculations as well as after strict level of antiepidemic activities is imposed.