State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector"

Jule 2019 - The option is added "Assessing the ability of a region to control epidemics"
June 2019 - Some simulating programs are modified
June 2019 - A few new characteristics of losses are accepted
September 2015 - The model is transferred: =>
September 2015 - Cholera has been included in the set of modelled infections
April 2014 - Algorithm of epidemic simulations for plague has been modified
October 2013 - Stochastic process of infections has been realized
September 2013 - Optimization of interventions is provided
July 2013 - Influenza is added to the set of modeled infections.
May 2013 - Calculations of necessary supplies are provided.
April 2013 - Calculations of losses from epidemics are provided.
Marth 2013 - Specification of unique sessions is provided.
February 2013 - Specification of new infections is provided.
February 2013 - Enlish version of the site is published.